Mozart, a Musical Sitcom

Family Concert

Friday 14 June 2019, 4pm
Katara Opera House
With Cinemoon, members of Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra

Giovanni Pasini, conductor​
Felicitas Fuchs, moderation and soprano
Christopher Schmitz, moderation
Ozgur Mert Esen, piano
Law Sze Han, piano
Rony Moser, clarinet
Giorgio Martin, tenor
Naomi Delgado, soprano
Qatar Concert Choir
Merve Bulun, script and concept
Oral Erlat, 3 D animation
Idil Saadet, miniature painting
Mariya Medvedeva, painting
Nihan Demiral, logo design

Mozart, a musical Sitcom is a fun concert, a unique project with costumes from 18th century and historical characters from Mozart’s life time.​
This concert is not only for children, it is also for adults who never grow up…


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