Beethoven 9th Symphony Qatar 28 Feb 2024

Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 with the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra

Last Wednesday, the Qatar Concert Choir (QCC) made history at the Al Mayassa Theatre, QNCC. As the final notes of Beethoven’s spectacular Symphony No.9 came to a close, the audience rose as one, and the applause and cheering echoed around the hall for several minutes.

“It was such an amazing feeling,” says Giovanni Pasini, artistic director and chorusmaster of the choir, who was singled out for particular applause by the conductor, Maestro Elias Grandy. Pasini experienced the symphony from his seat as Principal Viola of the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra, but he has trained the community choir across the past four months.

“Everyone involved thoroughly deserved the standing ovation. All our singers worked so hard to make this happen.”

“In addition to our core singers, we auditioned people especially to be part of our ‘B9’ experience,” he adds, “and we invited the Doha Singers and the Maharlikans to join us too. We even had choir members who had left Doha return to participate in this project.”

In all, more than 100 singers, hailing from nearly 40 countries, participated in the largest community choir ever to come together in Doha. The result was an exceptional evening of music, testament to Beethoven’s genius and to the unifying power of truly great music.

President of the QCC, Béatrice van der Haert, says, “Standing on the stage, we could feel the buzz of excitement from the audience right from the beginning, and it was electrifying for our singers. As amateurs it’s an incredible honour and a thrill to perform with a full symphony orchestra.”

“I’m immensely proud,” says Pasini. “All the hard work paid off and on the night the choir was inspired by the sheer joy of performing live and the enthusiasm coming from the audience, which was absolutely palpable.”

“Some people cried,” says van der Haert. “We were all so moved to be part of this unique experience. Noone who was there will ever forget it.”

Almost exactly 200 years ago, Ludwig van Beethoven turned the world of classical music upside down with his mighty Symphony No. 9, which culminates in some of the most magnificent choral music ever written. It was the first, perhaps the greatest, and certainly today is the most well-known symphony ever to feature a choir and vocal soloists.

The work premiered on 7 May 1824 in Vienna, with Beethoven himself beating time on the stage, although he was completely deaf by then. Unlike the audience last Wednesday, he never heard his own masterpiece.

Choir Beethoven 9th Symphony Qatar 28 Feb 2024

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