Qatar Concert Choir was thrilled to be part of the recording of the song ‘One Nation – Al Yaqeen’, produced by Qatari Composer and Songwriter Dana Al Fardan and featuring Fahad Al Kubaisi and Essa Al Kubaisi.

The arabic lyrics were written by Fahal Al Mursel. This project was a truly collaborative effort and included Qatar Concert Choir, and under the direction of Giovanni Pasini many international musicians also contributed to the song including; Christoph Schmitz on Cello and as music supervisor, Ferdninand Shaffer on Percussion, Dimitri Torchinski on Violins, Juan Pestana on Keyboards and Bass guitar. Mohamed Al Sulaiti further contributed on Oud, as well as Hassan Moataz on Rababa and Yassine Ayari on the Nay.

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