Mireille Feghali

Mireille El Feghaly

Name : Mireille El Feghali Voice :  Alto Country : Lebanon When you joined QCC : January 2021 Date of birth : 05 March 1982 Instrument(s) you can play :  a little of piano and Ukulele Singing/Music background : Music Education at the Lebanese University Profession/Employment/Activity :   Music Teacher for preschool at Lebanese school

Victoria Salazar

Victoria Salazar Diaz

Name : Victoria Salazar Díaz Voice :  Alto Country :  Spain When you joined QCC : February 2020 Date of birth : 18 June 1985 Instrument(s) you can play : Piano and basic clarinet Singing/Music background : I studied piano and composition at Amaniel Conservatory of Music in Madrid where I joined the Conservatory Choir.

Susie Billings

Susie Billings

Name :  Susie Billings Voice :  alto Country : American/Australian/British citizen living in each for at least a decade and in Qatar since 2007 When you joined QCC :  September 2019 Date of birth : 10 November  Instrument(s) you can play : basic piano  Singing/Music background :   Profession/Employment/Activity : Politics junkie and tech geek

Tatiana Usova

Tatiana Usova

Name: Tatiana USOVA Voice: Alto Country: Canada – Belarus When you joined QCC: February 2018 Date of birth: 14 September Singing/Music background: Played piano as a kid, sang in two choirs: la Chorale Saint-Jean with Dr. Laurier Fagnan and Cosmopolitan Music society choir with Jamie Burns Profession/Employment/Activity: Librarian Hobbies: I love dancing, volleyball, learning, reading

Rawan Shayboub

Rawan Shayboub Mahfoud

Name: Rawan Shayboub Mahfoud Voice: Alto, Can also sing Soprano 2 (can reach high B, as per Anna & Feli) Country: Lebanon Birth date: 23 July 1977 When you joined QCC: September 2015 Singing/music background: *school music education: music theory, flute & xylophone for several years *joined university choir since I was 18yo and haven’t

Vaida Balciunaite Salameh

Vaida Balčiūnaitė Salameh

Name : Vaida Balčiūnaitė Salameh Voice : Alto Country : Lithuania When you joined QCC : January 2019 Date of birth : 8 March Instrument(s) you can play : Accordion Singing/Music background : Music School (1996-2002), Youth Choir Profession/Employment/Activity : Economist by profession,  Project Manager at heart, currently working as Sr. Admin Officer Hobbies :