Julie Georgiou

Julie Georgiou
  • Name :  Julie GEORGIOU
  • Voice :  Soprano 1
  • Country :  Greece
  • When you joined QCC : September 2018
  • Date of birth : 15 December 86
  • Instrument(s) you can play : Piano
  • Singing/Music background :  

I studied Classical Piano, Advanced Music Theory and Singing for 12 years in National Conservatory of Greece and Berklee College of Music. I have a strong 27+ year stage experience as a Concert Pianist (Soloist or part of Orchestras/Chamber Music Assembles) and Singer (Soloist/Choir Member/Leading Singer in Musicals).

I have been part of both amateur and professional choirs since the age of 6 and have performed a wide spectrum of choir repertoire (from Baroque and Classical to Gospel and Broadway). 

  • Profession/Employment/Activity :  Piano Teacher, Certified HR Professional
  • Hobbies :  Cooking, Reading Books, Swimming, Dancing, Movies, Video Games