Jeroens Brons

Jeroens Brons
  • Name :  Jeroen Brons 
  • Voice : Bass
  • Country :  The Netherlands 
  • When you joined QCC :  January 2021
  • Date of birth : May 16 1965
  • Instrument(s) you can play : Recorder, Djembe
  • Singing/Music background :  Sang in amateur choirs many years ago, took some private lessons then
  • Profession/Employment/Activity :  Engineer / Manager at Qatar Petroleum
  • Hobbies :  Dragon Boating, Chess, Hiking, storytelling, cycling, playing with language, long distance swimming in the Gulf
  • A few more lines about you :   Father of two young adults, happily married to Ewa, optimist, renovating an old farmhouse in the Belgian hills. Trying to learn French and I recently discovered a love for writing songs for people or occasions to melodies of classics.