Ibrahim El Shafei

Ibrahim El Shafei
  • Name:  Ibrahim ElShafei
  • Voice:  Bass, Tenor
  • Country:  Egypt
  • When you joined QCC:  2021/01
  • Date of birth: 14-Feb-1980
  • Instrument(s) you can play: Oud (advanced), Keyboard (beginner)
  • Singing/Music background:  Music Background (Qatar Music Academy)
  • Profession/Employment/Activity:  IT Management in QF
  • Hobbies:  Off-road drive, camping, volleyball, squash, badminton
  • A few more lines about you:  I like the Oriental music most. Some funny traits: A computer geek, Movie worm (not a book worm), keep the rest as surprises in our journey 😉

Additional Info

  • Phone number: 
  • Email: ibrahim.elshafei@gmail.com