Claire Martin-Mayeur

Claire Martin-Mayeur
  • Name : Claire Martin-Mayeur
  • Voice : Soprano 2 / Alto singer and mainly accompanist  
  • Country : France 
  • When you joined QCC : march 2016
  • Date of birth : 7 February 1971
  • Instrument you can play  : Piano
  • Sing/Music background – Profession :

Graduated of Conservatoire of Orleans-Tours  – Ecole Nationale de Musique de Paris – Centre de Recherche et d’Etudes pianistiques,  Paris. My very first enlightenment with singing in a choir was with Haendel’s Messiah (I was 15) and I joined QCC when I heard that Oratorio in Doha !

I am an Accompanist in various fields : with vocalists and instrumentalists, ballet dancers, music exams and competitions

I am a currently a music teacher a s well.

Musical artistic director for various Theater plays in Qatar

Founder of former school choir In Voltaire, and  still conductor of the french-speaking parish choir.

  • Hobbies : 

 I have a strong interest in everything related to languages (included music!) , and how to look for autonomy,  physical and mental awareness and wellness

  • A few more lines about you :

My  motto as an educator ? Teaching is feeding the minds, comforting the hearts and instil dreams with perseverance and joy !